Each week, we will highlight one member of our CMF team. We would like to provide you with ‘behind the scenes’ news on our operations, and can get to know a little bit more about the people working for the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)! We have asked each of our team members the same eight questions, to provide a broad perspective on what they bring to the CMF team.

In today’s post, we meet the Digital Marketing Lead of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF) – Brendan Heisler. He will reveal to us her responsibilities and the role that he plays in this ambitious project.

Brendan Heisler - CMF Digital Marketing

Brendan Heisler – CMF Digital Marketing

CMF: Explain in detail what projects you are working on at CMF?

I have been working on marketing and growing the social presence of CMF. I work on posting all of our social media content and engaging with our audience.

CMF: What initially drew you into wanting to join the CMF?

I was initially drawn to CMF because of how new the federation was. I was very intrigued and interested in the opportunity to get to come in and join the federation on the ground floor. It has been amazing to see the growth that we have already been able to get, and I look forward to seeing the continuing to work towards more growth for CMF across the country.

CMF: How has your experience been so far?

I have enjoyed my work experience so far. I enjoy the collaboration aspect of working with CMF.  Everybody is very friendly and helpful, and it is really a great place to get to brainstorm ideas with my colleagues and explore my creative side.

CMF: Describe a typical day for you working on CMF projects.

I usually start by checking our analytics and seeing how our previous posts have been doing. I will then schedule the posts that I have for the month and create all the captions and hashtag strategies for them.

CMF: How has the pandemic affected your work? How have you adjusted to it?

The pandemic has affected the other jobs I had, as they were all in sports, so they have been shut down since March. I have adjusted by creating an office for myself in my basement, so I can have a quiet place to do work and participate in meetings.

CMF: What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to watch and follow all sports. I am a huge sports fan and have always been up to date with everything going on. Other than sports, I like to play video games and play hockey on outdoor rinks.

CMF: What other work do you do outside of the CMF?

Outside of CMF, I work in the Media Relations Department for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and I worked as a Social Media Intern for the Mississauga Steelheads

CMF: What do you hope to accomplish while with the CMF?

I hope to gain valuable experience in the social media marketing field. I want to work on my creative skills as the team and I continue to develop new ideas on how to grow our social presence. My ultimate goal however would be to see the CMF grow as much as it can during my time with the federation.


Next time, we will introduce you to Flavio Colasanti, another Digital Marketing team member of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)!


Michael Mazzel

CMF Sports Journalist

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