President's Message

Dear Minifootballers, Welcome to the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)! We here at CMF support talented individuals of all walks of life, to participate in an enhanced and inclusive minifootball experience. We welcome players of all genders, races, religions or political backgrounds. Our federation prides itself on creating a culture of competitiveness, that embraces community, diversity, and technology, where everyone is invited to join in on the fun! Being a minifootballer myself, I grew up in the Czech Republic playing this exciting game. This sport was not just an outlet for my energy or a pastime after school or work; it was where I found my life-long friends. I want to bring this experience to Canada. My vision is to make minifootball a Canadian cultural identity that is organized in all provinces and territories, and guided by our federation’s values. With my leadership, I will create an environment where players feel welcomed, included, and safe. I guarantee a better sports experience through the use of innovative technology that enhances the player experience and unites the minifootball ecosystems. With the use of video highlights and live scores on the field, I will keep the community and players up to speed on the latest updates in the sport. Minifootball is not only a sport but an opportunity to build social networks and create a sense of belonging. Whether you are a student, adult, parent, or simply wanting to try something new, we welcome you all on the field! I invite you to step on our field and give it a try! You may not be a pro, or perhaps you are, but I can ensure that you will have fun and be a part of something much bigger. A part of our Minifootball Community! Jan Machala Co-Founder & CMF President
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