About Us


Our vision is to make minifootball a Canadian cultural identify, that is organized in all provinces and territories in Canada, and guided by our federation’s values.


Our mission is to organize minifootball in Canada for amateur players. CMF members consist of a diverse community of men, women, and youth minifootballers. We serve the community by organizing local minifootball leagues, provincial tournaments, and international championships.


To organize and promote minifootball in Canada. We help our players have an enhanced and inclusive sport experience through the values and experiences of minifootball.


We want to create a culture of community, diversity, technology, and where everyone is invited to join in on the fun.


CMF aims to bring Minifootball communities together, support diversity, use innovative technology, and promote health and well-being.


Organize Minifootball on a local, provincial, national, and international level.


Bring communities and Minifootball players together.


Support a diverse, safe, and inclusive Minifootball enviroment.


Unite players, viewers, and sponsors with the use of innovative technology.

Health & Wellbeing

Organize Minifootball to promote health and wellbeing.

The Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF) – “We are the Governing Body of Minifootball in Canada.”

CMF is a member of the World Minifootball Federation (WMF) & Pan-American Minifootball Federation (PAMF), giving CMF exclusivity of Minifootball in Canada. CMF is in the business of governing and organizing Minifootball modalities from 3v3 up to 9v9! Minifootball is played on a reduced-sized soccer field. Our Federation seeks to create a diverse, safe, and inclusive Minifootball environment, that brings communities and Minifootball players together. CMF brings an enhanced Minifootball experience through the use of innovative and up-to-date technology, making it easy to take control of your health and well-being – or just have fun!

After four months of hard negotiations, followed by a sanctioning letter by the WMF, this will be a first-time day debut for Canada in the Minifootball sports industry, joining an international culture with over 144 countries strong. CMF is bringing the Minifootball culture to Canadians. Organized men, women, and youth competitive and recreational leagues. Welcome to the Pitch!

Why it Works: Minifootball is currently played by millions of players worldwide, in well over 100 countries, on five continents – America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Sanctioned Minifootball Federations compete in intercontinental tournaments to qualify for the WMF World Cup every two years. Minifootball is a HUGE culture, with an enthusiastic fan base. Thanks to CMF, Canadians can now experience Minifootball too!

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