Each week, we will highlight one member of our CMF team. We would like to provide you with ‘behind the scenes’ news on our operations, and can get to know a little bit more about the people working for the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)! We have asked each of our team members the same eight questions, to provide a broad perspective on what they bring to the CMF team.

In today’s post, we meet the Digital Marketing Lead of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF) – Sheel Tripathi. She will reveal to us her responsibilities and the role that she plays in this ambitious project.

Sheel Tripathi - CMF Digital Marketing Lead

Sheel Tripathi – CMF Digital Marketing Lead

CMF: Explain in detail what projects you are working on at CMF?

I will be primarily handling social media platforms for CMF, from generating content ideas, research and analyze the content.

CMF: What initially drew you into wanting to join the CMF?

An opportunity to expand my professional horizon and work with people from different demographics.

CMF: How has your experience been so far?

My experience with CMF is terrific and insightful. I am enjoying working with such a diverse team from different countries. Learning how to manage to connect with people, the knowledge and experience they bring along with them are inspiring for me. I like how the team and management are organized and committed to creating awareness about mini football.

CMF: Describe a typical day for you working on CMF projects.

Since coming from a non-sports background, currently, I am focusing on learning more about football and mini football through researching and learning about the sport and how other football clubs across the world plan their marketing strategy. Analyzing the analytics of the content on the social media platform. Then further creating newer content for the week.

CMF: How has the pandemic affected your work? How have you adjusted to it?

I have been working from home for the past 1.5 years. The only difference it made was working longer hours at home than before. It does feel monotonous at times since now I am unable to go out frequently.

CMF: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have been following the path of Kriya yoga for the past one year; therefore, I spend my time in Kriya meditation. Journaling and doodling have become a new hobby in the pandemic, which is quite a stress buster. More of all, I like reading books on different subjects.

CMF: What other work do you do outside of the CMF?

I am working as an independent digital marketeer, wherein handling clients from various domains from food, SAAS based health tech, Ayurvedic products and more.

CMF: What do you hope to accomplish while with the CMF?

To make the best use of my knowledge for the growth of CMF and to know the team better.

Sheel’s LinkedIn

Next time, we will introduce you to Brendan Heisler, the new Digital Marketing lead of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)!


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CMF Sports Journalist

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