Philip “PhilB94” Balke of the Canadian Minifootball Federations’ (CMF) E-Sports team fell short of winning the tournament in the semifinals of the 2020 E-PanAm Cup.

e-PanAm Cup 2020

e-PanAm Cup 2020

Balke lost 5-2 on aggregate tp Leonardo Reynoso of Mexico, including a 4-2 loss in the second matchup that sealed his fate. Balke was scheduled to play a third-place match against Moises Uziel of Mexico, but the latter was disqualified from the tournament. As a result, Balke will finish in third place.

Second place went to Rodolfo Lopez, from Guatemala, who lost 2-4 against the 2020 e-PanAm Cup winner – Leonardo Reynoso, from Mexico.

We would like to congratulate Balke and the rest of the Canadian E-Sports team on a great showing in their debut performance in the inaugural E-PanAm Cup! We also would like to congratulate Mexico on their win!


Michael Mazzel

CMF Sports Journalist

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