Each week, we will highlight one member of our CMF team. We would like to provide you with ‘behind the scenes’ news on our operations, and can get to know a little bit more about the people working for the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)! We have asked each of our team members the same eight questions, to provide a broad perspective on what they bring to the CMF team.

In today’s post, we meet our Web Developer of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF) – James Maguire. He will reveal to us his responsibilities and the role that he plays in this ambitious project.

James Maguire

James Maguire – CMF Web Developer

CMF: Explain in detail what projects you are working on at CMF?

I am a Web development and application developer. In addition to maintaining the Minifootball website, we are also developing a new portal system that allows league management, and functionality for admin, teams, and players.

CMF: What initially drew into wanting to join the CMF?

I have played competitive football since a young age, so naturally, I feel as it’s a great project to get involved in and give back while seeing the popularity of football grow in Canada.

CMF: How has your experience been so far?

My experience has been a great experience. I joined at the ground level with Jan and Monika and some of the others. I have worked with Daniel also on our main site, as well as we continue to speak about future projects which we can augment the Canadian Minifootball Federation with.

CMF: Describe a typical day for you working on CMF projects.

A typical day usually revolves in Liverpool fans, and Chelsea fans disagreeing on a bunch of related issues, however, we manage to make that work and continue to add to our website, manage servers, and continue to develop our side projects. It’s as lighthearted as a great Minifootball team is.

CMF: How has the pandemic affected your work? How have you adjusted to it?

I have started in Quarantine as well. Or shortly before. So obviously the most important thing is everyone’s safety during this, but also we cannot wait until football is safe to return to.

CMF: What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, without football, tend to work on my own software initiatives, continue to volunteer with web development projects where, and when I can.

CMF: What other work do you do outside of the CMF?

Work typically involves professional web development work and agency type front end development.

CMF: What do you hope to accomplish while with the CMF?

Mostly see the Canadian Minifootball Association grow, and continue to volunteer development time into projects which I would like to see come to fruition as well. Keep meeting new teammates.

Next week, we will introduce you to Spencer Kryvenchuk the Graphic Designer of the Canadian Minifootball Federation (CMF)!


Michael Mazzel

CMF Sports Journalist

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